Process Help


We have helped restore various optical thin film coating processes to health, and develop new processes. If you have a process which is less than reliable or satisfactory, we may be able to help.

Very Experienced in Practical Optical Thin Film Design and Process Development, Application of Industrial Design Of Experiments Methodology (DOE), Optical Systems Development and Tolerancing,  Ion Plasma Gun Source Application, Seminars and Courses.  Member of the Optical Society of America for five decades, and Experienced in Optical System and Coating Development and Production.  Consulted for over 40 years with many divisions of General Electric, Martin, General Motors, etc.  Serves as an expert forensic witness for optical systems and optical thin film coating Litigations.

Mr. Willey has recently published the Books:

Practical Design of Optical Thin Films and Practical Production of Optical Thin Films

He is also the author of the book: Field Guide to Optical Thin Films. It also has been translated into Japanese.

Note: it is sometimes beneficial to have a seminar or short course in your facility for the benefit of multiple members of your group on subjects such as optical coating design, monitoring, and/or materials and process aspects of optical coatings; or optical system design, tolerancing, and/or production. We can provide such seminars tailored to the specific needs of your organization. This could also be done in conjunction with consulting on some specific need.